December 11, 2012

Simple Home Decor

When decorating I tend to find that the small details are what really makes a room have character. All of these rooms have something unique, in the first room there is a lovely picture frame with a bird and you can tell that the bed comforter has a pattern that complements it very well. What can also add a lot of character to a room is wallpaper or a great wall design I immediately fell in love with the wall designs in the second and third photos. I am also very fond of white and some people tend to shy away from white home d├ęcor because they think it will be too risky but just having a slight splash of white with either a lamp or vase would add a breath of fresh air to a room. 



  1. Beautiful deco ideas ! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leave a lovely comment !

    XX Luba


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