January 25, 2012


These photos are from one of the many walks that we did in Barcelona. I loved seeing the outside of the churches and the stone work of the streets in every corner that we would turn there was a hidden gem. This church was so wonderful and we found it because there were a lot of people that were gathering around to see some Husky's that were going to be giving sled rides and one could go and pet them as well. I am so glad that we went to check what was going on because if we hadn't we would have never found this wonderful church. 

The dome in the back was for the Husky's 

Our shoes

This Street is to the right of the church 

And this Gaudi exhibit  is to the left of the church


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  2. Beautiful pictures! Love it. Your blog is awesome!

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  3. wow, barcelona! you're so lucky! i want to go there someday. anyway, those are great photos, please post more. =)

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    I Am Dollparts


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